Measuring Success of Your Online Ad Campaigns

Determining the success of an advertising campaign is vital to find out whether your business has benefitted from the campaign. In other words, tracking the progress of the campaign will help you address parts of your campaign that need to be modified or fixed — so that the end result is more leads and sales for your business. For instance, if you’ve advertised your business on a newspaper, would it be possible to gather data about how many people saw the ad and took action to seek our your business or service?  Of course not – it’s practically impossible in the newspaper or yellow pages arena.  That being said, with online marketing, you can track every detail pertaining to your ad campaign. In fact, you can gather data about each and every single visitor to your website.  To give you an example, look at some of the important information that can be easily tracked with your business webpage.

  • Daily visitor traffic
  • Geographical location of visitors
  • Each visitor’s browsing duration on each page of your website
  • The words or phrases keyed into the search box that led the visitors to your website
  • The page from where a visitor leaves the website
  • Whether the visitor landed on your website for the first time or is a frequent visitor
  • How long the visitor stayed on your website before leaving
  • Whether or not the visitor took action – i.e. downloaded a product, submitted an email, or called your business.

An internet marketing company must be able to comprehend the state of your business before beginning to work on a local search engine marketing plan.  This will help to ensure we can properly track the progress of the marketing campaign right from the start. A well-planned tracking method also allows us to implement certain ideas on an experimental basis – so you can ultimately find out what works – and more importantly what doesn’t work so that we can refine those areas of your advertising campaign that are lacking.  Eventually, you can identify your customers’ tastes and figure out what advertisements attract them to take action with your particular business.

Our Internet marketing services will help you set up a detailed tracking method that will enable you to overcome one of the major challenges of carrying out an advertising campaign, i.e. measuring the progress of the campaign and working out strategies that will benefit your business. We are keen to assist you in tracking your website statistics & tracking implementation to ensure the success of your business advertising efforts.