Facebook Buys WhatsApp Social Media

Facebook Buys WhatsApp Social Media for $19 Billion

Facebook is one of the biggest and most dominant social media networks.  It recently bought WhatsApp at a whopping $19 billion price tag.

WhatsApp is five years old and is a mobile messaging app with around 450 million global users.  According to the stats, prior to being sold to Facebook, the app was gaining around one million users each day.

As is evident from the figures mentioned, it should not surprise you that the app is the leader in the world of messaging apps for smartphones in Europe, Asia and North America.  The app comes at a low cost of under $5 per download, with no additional subscription costs.

Why then did Facebook spend so much money on a company that is not going to make a profit?  One word explains it all – diversification.

Diversification in Social Media

The reason for the purchase of the app is the users.  The company is fully aware that to grow they need to diversify.  This is the reason why the company recently completed the purchase of Instagram, the photo sharing site.

The world is becoming more and more dependent and driven by online activities and going by their recent business transactions, Facebook is fully aware of what is required to sustain growth in the market.

It is not expected of small business owners to spend massive amounts of funds to buy out their competitors, however, the moves that Facebook have made should be viewed as a valuable business lesson.  However, as a small business owner, you should determine the best social media platforms which will allow you to diversify within your industry.  For example, if you active in e-commerce, you may find Twitter to be suitable for […]

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social Media Marketing – an Effective & Upward Marketing Trend

Social media marketing has revolutionized online marketing as all Internet users are using one or more of the many social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Internet marketing is never complete without social media, given the viral effect it has in promoting your business. Social media campaigns are backed by innumerable success stories. Even President Obama uses it as an effective tool to communicate with the public; in fact social media was a crucial part of his campaign. Let’s see how social media campaigns can help your business.

Social networking websites have gained unprecedented popularity as more and more people are joining them. According to statistics, Facebook membership has exceeded 500 million – yes a half a billion users — with more than half the members using the site on a daily basis. People spend a considerable amount of time on these sites, meaning that you can easily present your business information for them to view. Because of the global reach of the Internet, social media is used as an important source of news and other up-to-the-minute information; people not only use social media sites to expand their network of friends, but also to stay current. You just have to type a few sentences to let others know about the latest happenings or special things about your business. So, it’s simple and fast. Satisfied customers will definitely leave behind positive reviews that will add to the credibility of your business.

In a nutshell:

  • Social media campaigns have a proven record of success
  • Social media are regarded as a trustworthy information source for reviews and updates
  • Conducting a marketing campaign on social media is simple, fast and far-reaching
  • Potential customers who view […]
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How to Measure Success of Your Online Ad Campaigns

Measuring Success of Your Online Ad Campaigns

Determining the success of an advertising campaign is vital to find out whether your business has benefitted from the campaign. In other words, tracking the progress of the campaign will help you address parts of your campaign that need to be modified or fixed — so that the end result is more leads and sales for your business. For instance, if you’ve advertised your business on a newspaper, would it be possible to gather data about how many people saw the ad and took action to seek our your business or service?  Of course not – it’s practically impossible in the newspaper or yellow pages arena.  That being said, with online marketing, you can track every detail pertaining to your ad campaign. In fact, you can gather data about each and every single visitor to your website.  To give you an example, look at some of the important information that can be easily tracked with your business webpage.

  • Daily visitor traffic
  • Geographical location of visitors
  • Each visitor’s browsing duration on each page of your website
  • The words or phrases keyed into the search box that led the visitors to your website
  • The page from where a visitor leaves the website
  • Whether the visitor landed on your website for the first time or is a frequent visitor
  • How long the visitor stayed on your website before leaving
  • Whether or not the visitor took action – i.e. downloaded a product, submitted an email, or called your business.

An internet marketing company must be able to comprehend the state of your business before beginning to work on a local search engine marketing plan.  This will help to ensure we can properly track the progress of the marketing campaign right from the […]

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Promote Your Business with Local Search

Promoting Your Business on Local Search — a Surefire Way to Bring Success!

In print advertising is no longer providing the expected returns for businesses. This is because the Internet is becoming a preferred information source for consumers looking for products or services in their local area. In other words online search is gaining prominence over the Yellow Pages or newspapers.  There are some interesting studies that demonstrate this trend.  Kelsey Group’s research projects that 70 percent of Internet users will look up local search engines to locate offline businesses; statistics from the study indicates that 86 percent of Internet users will seek local search engines at some stage.  Findings from a research conducted by the Kelsey Group and Constat have yielded some amazing statistics to this end:

  • 70 percent of U.S. families use the Internet to buy products or services in their locality.
  • The Internet is geared up to outshine newspapers as an information sources for local shoppers.

Therefore, businesses need to realize the importance of showing up in the local search results.  It’s time to wonder whether your business will have a noticeable position in the search results page when consumers key-in their search request.  Say they type your companies town name and business type — i.e. ‘Houston lawyer’ — will your business make its way to the front page of those search results?  If that seems unlikely, it is important to work out a solution. Such searches are carried out everyday, and consumers expect to find a business pertinent to their search right away.

Your business website must be optimized for search engines through optimal strategies, such as link building and on-site optimization. We can assist you in attaining the goal by analyzing your […]

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