Recovering from a Google Penalty

Recognizing And Recovering From A Google Penalty

So you have a website for your business, and you’ve been getting steady streams of traffic since using the various SEO tactics you read about online. However, lately your site hasn’t been getting the same amount of traffic it use to. In fact, over the past several weeks, you’ve seen a significant drop in the number of hits your web pages have been getting. Unfortunately, you can’t figure out why this is happening. Is your site just not very popular anymore? The odds are you and your site have run into google panda and penguin issues.

Most website owners don’t even realized they’ve been penalized by Google. They spend weeks and weeks trying to re-work and modify their sites in order to help get traffic back up, but nothing seems to work. The most common penalty websites tend to receive from Google is the Panda penalty.

The Panda penalty is issued when there’s a problem with the quality of your website. Google values high-quality content much more these days, and sites who don’t provide this kind of content are punished. The search engine uses a special algorithm in order to distinguish between low and high-quality content.

How do you know if the Panda penalty is the penalty you’ve been given? You’ll start to notice a gradually decline in the traffic you receive. You’ll also have difficulties getting your page ranked on results pages. You can Recover from a Google Penalty like this by simple adding more content that’s useful, well researched, and helpful. Also focus on eliminating any useless content you might have.

The second penalty most sites receive […]